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Professional Training


IWRC is the leading developer of professional training for wildlife care providers in North America and abroad. As a non-profit organization our primary goal is to educate our members, colleagues, and the public on matters related to wildlife care and conservation.

IWRC training courses are developed and peer-reviewed by professionals who excel in their fields. We work with veterinarians, biologists, biochemists, nutritionists and scientists from related fields to bring you the most current and reliable information available.

IWRC offers both classroom and online based training.

Check the calendar below for the latest IWRC courses.

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  1. Terri
    Oct 15 2010

    Do you ever offer the Basic Wildlife Rehab course on the east coast?


  2. admin
    Oct 15 2010

    Hi Terri,

    We do offer the Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation course on the east coast. At the beginning of October it was in Rhode Island. I don’t have any upcoming east cost classes at this time. Keep an eye on the schedule for updates. Where classes are held depends on who is able to host them.


  3. Beth
    Nov 15 2010

    Any updates on when the Parasitology class will be available online? I was hoping to take it before the end of the year!
    Thanks! Beth

  4. admin
    Nov 16 2010

    Hi Beth,

    Yes I do have an update, I’ll add the note to the web page. Lynn was unable to record the class during her all to brief visit in Eugene so I am sending the fancy (no feedback) microphone with her to record later this month. If all goes according to the current plan it will be up in early to mid December.


  5. Karen
    Jan 9 2011

    Still hoping for an online Parasitology course. Any info when this might be available?


  6. Sherri McNary
    Mar 26 2012

    Will you be offering any basic classes in Kansas this year?

  7. admin
    Apr 9 2012

    Hi Sherri,

    We do not currently have any planned but we’d be happy to offer one if we can find a host to work with.



  8. Leah Moore
    Jan 31 2014

    I was just wondering if you get anything stating that you completed an online course or if you can only view it online.Thanks.

  9. admin
    Feb 1 2014

    Hi Leah, Upon successfully completing the test at the end of the course you get a letter and a certificate.

  10. Leah Moore
    Feb 3 2014

    Any idea of when the online store will be up and running so I can purchase online courses?

  11. arsalan gola
    Jul 16 2014

    i am wildlife officer in pakistan, working in the field of wildlife conservation, management, breeding, control the illegal hunting and trade of wild bird and wild animals. you people help for conservation of endangered animals and give me traning

  12. Kasey Sparadeo
    Jul 21 2014

    Omg sorry this posted multiple time. My phone froze.

  13. Julissa Favela
    Jul 22 2014

    Ha! Pesky technology! So usually it’s just the Basic class that is offered yearly in Rhode Island. There is an advanced class that will will be offered in South Weymouth, MA in the fall. Dates and exact class are not set yet but I will get them up on the website as soon as I have confirmation. Hopefully that’s not too far away from you to attend.


  14. Julissa Favela
    Jul 22 2014

    Hi Arslan!

    Perhaps one of the online classes would be helpful to you, like Parasitology and Zoonoses. We do not have any classes set for Pakistan although we are currently working to bring classes to India. Lets keep in touch and see what we can do!

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