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Looking for a job? Searching for an internship? Looking for a specific species as an education animal? Browse our classifieds. Have a job to advertise? An animal that needs placement? Post a classified ad. Animal Placement listings are a service provided by IWRC for our members and the rehabilitation and education communities. The responsibility for the well-being of the animals listed here rests in the hands of those using this service. This responsibility extends to investigating and arranging the best possible placement: one that meets both the needs of the animal and of the facility that will become its new home. The animal may spend the rest of its life in this location - a life that, we hope, is healthy, long and enriched. Read suggested guidelines on finding the best possible match.

Disclaimer IWRC is unable to and has no responsibility to verify that the conditions and suitability of the animals listed is as reported. IWRC is in no position to attest to and has no responsibility to ascertain permits held or the adequacy of housing and care that can be provided by persons interested in the animal.

Category: Animal Wanted

Elf Owl for Education

Elf Owl for Education

I'm looking for a replacement of an elf owl as an education glove bird for programs. I still have a...
Total views: 85
North American Beaver Wanted

North American Beaver Wanted

Looking to house a North American Beaver for small NH native educational facility. Will have indoor and outdoor housing....
New Hampshire
Total views: 126
Burrowing Animal Wanted

Burrowing Animal Wanted

Lindsay Wildlife Experience's mission is to connect people with wildlife to inspire responsibility and respect for the world we share....
Walnut Creek
Total views: 15
North American River Otter

North American River Otter

We are a small natural history museum located in northern NY with a collection of approximately 400 animals. We currently...
Tupper Lake
Total views: 146
Education Porcupine Wanted

Education Porcupine Wanted

We are looking for an educational porcupine for exhibit, preferably acclimated to humans. Our Porcupine Habitat in the Wild Wonders...
Total views: 128
ISO:  Eastern screech owl or saw-whet owl

ISO: Eastern screech owl or saw-whet owl

The EcoTarium in Worcester MA is looking for a non-releasable Eastern screech owl or saw-whet owl for use in educational...
Total views: 43
Zoo Miami looking for 6-8 armadillos for rehab themed Everglades exhibit.

Zoo Miami looking for 6-8 armadillos for rehab themed Everglades exhibit.

Zoo Miami is an AZA accredited zoo searching for 6-8 nine-banded armadillos that are non-releasable and in need of homes....
Total views: 58
Saw whet wanted for companion

Saw whet wanted for companion

Our Squiggy wants a friend :-) Squiggy is a 2-year-old saw whet with a paralyzed wing. I think he'd be...
Total views: 103
Songbirds wanted

Songbirds wanted

I am permitted to keep unreleasable songbirds & use them for educational purposes. I will pay for shipping on airlines....
Fort Myers Beach
Total views: 1625