2008 hatch Bald Eagle

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Boston's original injury was a right carpal tendon exposure. He can get around really well, including to high perching, but he cannot fly. Glides down from high perching really well, too. He originally was treated by REGI, but came to live with us at World Bird Sanctuary in 2011.

He did really well on public display for many years, but when his roommate had to get repeated care from veterinary staff Boston became more nervous. We discovered that he does really well and remains calm in large enclosures that have at 2-3 solid walls where he feels safer. As we cannot provide that for him in a public setting (all of our public enclosures are fully open), we are looking to re-home him to a facility that can provide this type of exhibit for him.

He has never been trained to sit on a glove, but since it was never attempted I cannot say for sure if he could or could not be glove trained.

For further questions on this sweet boy, please email me at kmccord@worldbirdsanctuary.org or Daniel Cone at dcone@worldbirdsanctuary.org

*pictured is one of his previous roommates since I don't have any easily accessible pictures of Boston at the moment.

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