Avian Veterinarian

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Title: Avian Veterinarian

Tracy Aviary is excited to announce the opening of a Veterinarian position.
Duties include overseeing the medical program of a collection with over 300 birds representing 138 species (along with three equally engaging tortoises!). The Aviary collection exhibits conservation significant birds ranging from Guam kingfishers to red siskins and the famous Andy N. Condor.

Tracy Aviary prides itself on providing exceptional care and welfare for its birds through a dedicated and skilled bird care team, well-designed habitats, and a strong commitment to conservation and education. The Avian Health Center on Aviary grounds provides a central building for routine health examinations, patient treatment, minor surgery, and some diagnostic procedures. Tracy Aviary also employs its own full-time Veterinary Technician, who oversee much of the clinic operation tasks, supporting the Veterinarian where needed. Additionally the Aviary team includes eight full-time bird care staff (trainers and keepers), all trained in basic patient care and treatment, who play an important role in supporting veterinary needs for patients under medical care. This position reports to the Curator of Exhibit Collections and will provide administrative support as directed by the Curator.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Provides routine and emergency medical and surgical treatment to animals in the Aviary’s collection.
Fosters existing relationships with partnering organizations in the Salt Lake Valley.
Manages the Veterinary Technician including, skills training, performing assessments, hiring, and scheduling.
Participates in the training of all bird care staff in basic patient care and emergency response.
Abides by all state and federal regulations in regards to animal care, interstate transfers, and public health directives.
Collaborates with bird care staff on the development and implementation of comprehensive preventative health programs.
Communicates with Curators, Veterinary Technicians, Lead/Senior keeper, Registrar, and participating facilities for pre-shipment requirements; ensuring best practices are performed in sending birds and acquiring birds.
Supports Curator with acquisitions and dispositions needs.
Supports Curators with developing hazard response plans.
Consults specialists where needed for advanced diagnostic and surgical needs.
Performs gross necropsies and interprets histopathological results, relays these results to animal care staff.
Reviews morbidity and mortality data, collaborating with the team where needed on improved methods of avian care.
Proficient in the use of Species 360 (ZIMS), including data entry and review of historical records.
Establishes and maintains professional relationships with AZA facility veterinarians and veterinary specialists.
Participates in maintaining standards and regulations of AZA, AAZV, and other regulatory agencies and associations as they apply to zoological institutions and veterinary programs/facilities.
On call for emergencies.
Must work weekends and holidays.
Demonstrates advanced understanding of avian anatomy, hematology, disease process, and behavior.
Institutional Animal Care and Usage Committee (IACUC) chair.
Other administrative duties as assigned. This position is foreseen as requiring 20 hours per week for the veterinary program, with the remaining 20 hours supporting Tracy Aviary as discussed and agreed upon with the candidate.

A degree from an AVMA accredited college of veterinary medicine.
Responsible for acquiring and maintaining a license from the State of Utah to practice veterinary medicine within a reasonable amount of time after starting the position.
Responsible for acquiring and maintaining a DEA controlled substances license.
One year of professional level work experience as a staff veterinarian or resident in exotic/wild animal medicine at a zoological park, veterinary college affiliated with a zoo, private practice affiliated with a zoo with diverse avian clientele, OR at least two years of professional level work experience as a veterinarian in private practice which includes exotic animals with a strong presence of avian clientele as a portion of its caseload.
ABVP Certification or the intention to achieve this is strongly preferred.
Experience with avian species beyond parrots, doves and chickens preferred.

Additional qualifications
Must be able to acquire a Utah driver’s license after 90 days of employment.
Computer skills with business applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, etc., sufficient to enter data and create, edit, save, and send emails, reports, or other documents.
Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.
Ability to maintain a work environment that respects and values diversity.
Must be team driven with a strong attention to communication needs of all staff members.
Current Covid-19 vaccination required.

Flexibility in Position:
The Aviary is willing to work with applicants who would like a part-time or full-time position. Please reach out to Kate Lyngle-Cowand if you would like to discuss specific needs in regards to full-time vs part-time status. The Duties and Responsibilities will change slightly from described to account for the part-time position. Tracy Aviary is also willing to work with the skills and interests of the applicant to align with career goals along with supporting the needs of the Aviary.

Full-time salary: $60,000-$90,000

How To Apply:
Please send cover letter, resume, and references to
Kate Lyngle-Cowand, Curator of Exhibit Collections, Tracy Aviary

Job Perks:
Utah is a nature lover’s haven with hiking, camping, biking, and skiing within minutes. Tracy Aviary supports nature play for staff and guests alike! We are a family-friendly organization. Whether your family is of the human, furred, feathered, or scaled variety, we want to make sure your priorities stay your priority! Did we mention we are bird nerds? Join a mission driven team that values all things birds, from welfare to conservation and education.

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