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We are looking to add to our team! We are hiring a lead bird trainer that utilizes positive reinforcement training in raptors, corvids, and parrots, has experience leading a team, and has free flight experience. We are hoping to fill this position late July or August. We should be wrapping up construction on our education building which features an ~230 person auditorium designed for free flight.
Please visit https://www.bahkhoje.com/employment/ to apply.

Summary of Responsibilities:

The Aviary Education Specialist will assist the Aviary Assistant Manager in the daily care of the education birds, daily cleaning of the aviary, and educational presentations as needed. The incumbent will perform routine office activities necessary to facilitate the goals and objectives of the Eagle Aviary Program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Develop educational shows for schools and other venues utilizing the trained education birds.
Carry out daily care needs for education birds.
Handle and ensure proper care and training for education birds.
Ensure there is enough equipment for each bird.
Train other approved members of the staff to work with education birds per management’s request.
Plan and oversee aviary education committee to ensure staff members are receiving training, shows are adequately planned and scheduled, and any problems are discussed.
Seek out and remain current on all education bird techniques and methods.
Attend trainings and seminars regarding education bird techniques at management’s request.
Assist Aviary Assistant Manager to ensure program activities meet federal and state regulations.
Maintain a detailed log of aviary activities and program files as determined by funding sources and aviary management.
Assist in outreach activities including presentations and tours for Tribal members and the community.
Assist with upkeep of the facility including daily cleaning, food preparation, and care of feeder animals.
Participate in aviary committees when needed skill set will help that committee’s goals.
Other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience:

Previous experience working with or handling various species of raptors, parrots, and other avian species.
Previous experience working in free flight programs.
Preference for certified avian trainers through International Avian Trainers Certification Board or equivalent.

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