Calm, juvenile red-tailed hawk for placement

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This fledgling Red-tailed Hawk came to our facility with a non-visual right eye. Based on how the eye looks, we suspect that the bird has either a congenital defect or had early trauma to the eye while in the nest. The right eye is noticeably smaller and darker than the left eye, which is fully functional. The bird arrived at our hospital with it's outer primaries and tail still coming in. The bird was a little underweight and we suspect the parents had stopped feeding it based on observations from the finders. Other than the non-visual right eye, the bird has no injuries or abnormalities. This bird is fully flighted. We have observed the bird's behavior and stress levels around people for the last 2 weeks and believe the bird would be a suitable candidate as a gloved educational ambassador or display bird. The bird has an overall calm demeanor and will take food from tweezers while standing calmly on a perch. We suspect this bird to be male based on a current weight of 940g with a 2.5/5 BCS.

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