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Two Bald Eagles for placement:
Rushmore, a female based on size, came in with lead and a slight wing injury. Lead has been treated and we tried release. She can fly loops in my 120' cage but when she banks, she falls and at release, landed in a river. We retrieved her and she is up for placement. The vet says perhaps a slight bone spur causing the banking in flight problem. She is talkative and a large bird.

Washington, a male based on size, also came in with lead and the end of his wing was damaged so he has lost his wrist section on one wing. He is semi flighted though. He is personable and talkative.

Blue, the American Crow, has been housed alone and with other crows. He/she helped raise babies in a rehab setting. He is currently housed in rehab again and needs a permanent home. He has a slight wing droop but gets along well in an outdoor enclosure. with low and higher perches.

The Sandhill Crane juvie has an old elbow injury preventing her from being released. Her wing has only a slight droop. She likes to eat mice, superworms and crane pellets. She loves shiny objects and has learned to be very tolerant of her "people."

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