I created Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation in eastern Utah many years ago. We take in 450+ birds and mammals a year. Fundraising is difficult in Eastern Utah so we work hard to get the funds to run this facility with only a few volunteers. I have State and Federal permits which any interested person would also have to have. The majority of our work is birds however.
The living quarters is a single wide trailer home on 1 acre of land which is owned outright. This would be best for a couple. We are in Carbon County, Utah and have a defined reputation with our local wildlife agency and cover many parts of Utah as there are only a handful of rehabilitators in our state.

As with all wildlife facilities, there is no pay for this work so your living expenses must be covered by yourself, but housing and utilities are paid with donations.
If you're looking for a facility of your own and have what it takes--endless hours of work, no days off and no pay--please contact me and lets chat. I know the right person is out there......

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