Barn Owls for propagation or display (total of 4 available)

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Buffy (F, 2010 wild hatch), Snowy (F, 2011 wild hatch), Tyton (F, unk wild hatch), Wentworth (M, 2009 captive hatch) are all available. All but Tyton are proven breeders, but all birds would work well in static displays and housed with other barn owls. All non-imprinted. Snowy and Wentworth are currently together in a breeding situation, but they could be separated. All birds get around very well.

Buffy has an old, but stable left toe (3rd digit) fracture. Full use of foot.
Snowy has an old left TMT injury with some rotation. She has slight decreased range of motion, but still full use of the leg.
Tyton has an old left humerus and metacarpal fractures that prevented well enough flight for release (she still flies well). She also has a left TMT fracture that healed well and she has full use of that leg.
Wentworth has no past medical issues.

Looking to re-home due to changes in propagation department and collection plan. If you are interested in just one owl, please still contact me for questions and inquiries!

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