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The Southeastern Raptor Center has 2 non-releasable Bald Eagles for placement:

2021- 066 is an Adult Bald Eagle that was admitted to us with a right coracoid fracture. Previous injuries that were noted with this bird from the transfer facility included the right and left tibiotarsus’s had been fractured and repaired. However, the right tibiotarsus healed misaligned and is turned in slightly. This does not affect its ability to stand, perch, or walk and there are no signs of pododermatitis on either plantar surface of the feet. This bird also is flighted, however the flight ability is not sufficient for release.

2021-089 is the Nestling (Hatch Year) Bald Eagle that was admitted with already calcified left radius and ulna fractures in a 30 degree angle. It is flighted, however due to the angle of the left wing, it is asymmetric in flight. It is not imprinted and has been housed with other adult bald eagles since arriving at the center.

Please contact Stephanie Kadletz at for more information.

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