I have a 2003 dark female Gyrfalcon that is retired from breeding. She is very comfortable on the glove and has been in front of audiences of hundreds of people. She can be very difficult to get out of the mews however and so my recommendation would be for her to be a display bird or have a couple of handlers that are able to work with her to get her more comfortable at stepping up in the mews. She is captive-bred and physically perfect - no health concerns at all. This bird needs to go to a facility with cooler temps that has experience with Gyrfalcons, Saker Falcons, or Prairie Falcons please.
The receiving facility would pay for all health certificates and any shipping costs, but I would prefer her to be picked up in Colorado if at all possible. She would need to be put on a preventative course of Itraconazole immediately after shipping. We are happy to start before shipping once we have the dates set. Thank you!

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