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Lindsay Wildlife Experience is a nonprofit in Walnut Creek, California. We are a educational facility and wildlife rehabilitation hospital. Our mission is to connect people with wildlife to help inspire responsibility and respect for the world we share. We strive to encourage children and adults to adopt a sustainable lifestyle to support wildlife.

We have been the home to a Great Gray Owl for nearly 19 years. Shadow is still with us at Lindsay Wildlife Experience and is truly an amazing ambassador of this endangered Californian species.

If an unfortunate circumstance renders a Great Gray Owl unable to return to the wild, Lindsay Wildlife Experience would love to provide that animal with a forever home as an education animal. We would be interested in any age, but the younger the bird the better as hand raised baby owls tend to make more successful ambassador birds.

I hope that there is never a need for a Great Gray Owl not to be able to return to the wild, but if that situation does occur we hope that you consider Lindsay Wildlife Experience to provide a home for that bird.

Please contact:
Emma Molinare
Curator of Animal Encounters

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