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Clark Fork, Idaho, United States
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Key responsibilities: Wildlife caregiving - including but not limited to providing appropriate nutrition and medical attention for injured or orphaned wildlife. Ensuring the enclosures the animals are being kept in are clean and secure. Assisting the public by responding at all times in a professional and knowledgeable way. Working with volunteers, in a friendly manner, to ensure safety and enjoyment as well as task completion.

Primary risks: working alone and unsupervised, providing care for species that may be carriers of potentially zoonotic diseases. Qualifications: must be over 18 years of age, preferred but not required a degree in wildlife, and experience working with wildlife in a rehabilitation facility. Vaccinations such as tetanus or rabies are a choice of person- al preference and not required.

Time Commitment: the internship shall last no longer than 16 weeks. Every effort shall be made to ensure a stable schedule however the nature of wild animal care is ever changing. It shall be known that some species require feeding every 15 minutes for 16 hours each day seven days each week, other species require round the clock care. Volunteers may be contacted to assist with the work load but the primary care shall be provided by the intern.

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