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(770) 875-5647
Lithonia (Just outside Metro Atlanta), GA, USA
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This juvenile Red-tailed hawk was brought into our facility with a fracture to the right humerus near shoulder and a left rad ulna fracture. This issue resolved however there was also a suspected coracoid injury. Due to his/her injuries, he/she cannot fly well enough to hunt and therefore cannot be released. We believe instead this raptor can make a great educational / ambassador bird and with care and training will have a good quality of life.
This hawk is residing at Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort (AWARE) just outside Metro Atlanta. Do not let distance be a factor as we can work with you to arrange transport to most locations. Please note that the receiving facility is responsible for all charges associated with placement and/or transport of the animal.
To help make your inquiry easier, this hawk’s intake number is: 19-0561. We will be glad to help answer any questions you may have if interested in providing placement for this beautiful Red-tailed hawk.
Thank you.
Please email: or call (770) 875-5647
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