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(770) 875-5647
Lithonia (just outside metro Atlanta), GA, USA
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This male Opossum was brought into our facility as a baby after being found unable to fend for himself. Sockets has no eyes and will therefore need to be cared for as he cannot be released. We have had other Opossums with the same condition live good quality lives and remain able to navigate and enjoy their environment. Sockets would make an adorable educational / ambassador.
This Opossum is residing at Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort (AWARE) just outside Metro Atlanta. Do not let distance be a factor as we can work with you to arrange transport to most locations. Please note that the receiving facility is responsible for all charges associated with placement and/or transport of the animal.
To help make your inquiry easier, this Opossum’s intake number is: 19-0253. We will be glad to help answer any questions you may have if interested in providing placement for this sweet boy.
Thank you.
Please call or email: or call 770-875-5647
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