Contact Marjan Ghadrdan
Lithonia, Georgia, United states

At the time of intake, Bolt, a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk had been brought to the center after he was found grounded and unable to fly. Examination revealed a fracture to the left radius/ulna and a shattered left wrist/elbow joint. Bolt also had trauma to right eye and beak.

If interested in this animal, please do not let distance stand in the way. We are more than happy to help coordinate travel. Please note: that the receiving facility is responsible for all charges associated with placement or transport of the animal.

Now that rehab is complete, we will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding the placement of this animal. To help make your inquiry easier, this animal’s intake number is 19-0762. Please reach out to us via email - or - or by phone at 770-875-5647. Thank you!
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