Contact Salena Garber

-Woody is a female red-tailed hawk
-age: 15-20 years old
-lives alone in mew
-Woody has a old left humeral fracture and is unable to fly (according to veterinarian statement)
-Came from a rehabber named Madeline Libre in Manassas VA
-Came to NorthBay in 2005
-Training: At one time she was glove-trained but not really without her hood. She sits well on your hand with a hood.
-Prior to COVID she was progressing in coming to the perch with food. Recently, we have been unable to train with her with the needs of our new program so she has been reluctant to come to perch for health checks.
-Diet: mice, chicks, quail; weekly vitahawk supplement
-Other notes: She is very compliant for health checks with her hood on and is a very sweet bird, we are sad to see her go, but looking forward to giving her the best life possible.
-Can send photos upon request

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