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Rehabilitator needed: PAID POSITION
Location: El Paso, TX
Position: "In Charge" Rehabilitator or qualified Sub-Permittee
Duties: Responsible for all duties of a permitted rehabilitator, including, but not limited to:
Demonstrated passion for helping wildlife
Appropriate triage of all intakes;
Continued observation of all animals under care and supervised convalescence and feedings, compatible
to each species;
Training, scheduling and supervision of all volunteers in all duties assigned, and enforcement of appropriate
social distancing and masking, as necessary;
Teaching and maintaining safe handling practices for animals and humans;
Maintaining all required record keeping, including all new regulations set by TPWD AND USFW.
During "off" season, be involved with fundraising and educational programs.
At all times, assure that the property is properly maintained, either by volunteers or paid personnel,
approved by Executive Director
Immediately report to the Executive Director, any problems that need to be addressed.

If not qualified to receive a permit in the State of TX, one must have enough experience to work as a sub-permittee, with all responsibilities listed above, until such time applicant can qualify for a rehabilitator's permit.
On site housing is available and can be negotiated in the pay scale, which will be determined according to experience and availability.
All personnel that will handle mammals, must have the pre-exposure rabies vaccine.
Please contact: Josie Karam, Executive Director: Second Chance Wildlife Rescue. 915-588-2788;

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