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Troy is a roughly 8-year-old, parent-reared Barred Owl. In 2013 he suffered a traumatic head injury due to a vehicle collision and suffered damage to his left eye. Additional behavioral abnormalities were observed, such as latency in responding to visual and auditory stimuli, that persisted for many years after the injury.
Troy was placed as an education ambassador at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, in Quechee, VT, where he has helped educate tens of thousands of people over the last several years. Within the last two years, however, Troy has increasingly refused to participate in regular public programs, by opting not to go into a travel crate, or even step onto a glove, and exhibits clear signs of stress when approaching or approached by people while riding on the glove.
Choice and welfare are pillars of our ambassador raptor program, and Troy has shown us that he is no longer comfortable doing public programming in the same way. We would like to see Troy placed as a free-lofted exhibit ambassador with a well-respected organization.
More information can be given regarding Troy's training history upon request.

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