Doves and pigeons are members of the columbidae family. They are found all over the world. Their diets allow them to exist in most climates because the seeds and grains they eat are available almost everywhere. Most pigeons are very social birds and they like to dwell in areas where people live because they know there will be plenty of foods available and plenty of nesting and roosting areas in the eaves of buildings, on roofs and balconies and in abandoned sheds and buildings. In some areas, they have learned to 'come' to people for food and in many countries, it's a popular pastime to go to a park or square for an hour of pigeon watching, especially if you come equipped with a bag of seed.

Like members of the parrot family, doves and pigeons have something called a 'true crop'. This means that they have the ability to produce a thick substance known as 'crop milk', which they regurgitate for their young. Doves and pigeons are exceptional parents.

Doves are known as the 'birds of peace'. Their melodic cooing on a warm summer evening might make YOU feel peaceful, but watching their strutting antics and pushy behaviour at feeders can make you wonder!

Generally,  the word "dove" is used to describe the smaller species of pigeons.

The columbidae are part of a larger family called an "order," and it is called Columbiformes.

Come and find out more about columbiformes. They're something to coo about.


I am called the piping bird, the peeping bird, duyve and tobacco bird.


My family name is columbidae.

I can hiss, grunt and whistle but Iím not a snake, pig or kettle.

I like to bill and coo and I like to strut my stuff.

Even though I can be quite feisty and argumentative, I am called the bird of peace.

I like to sit on statues.

Can you guess who I am?


I am a Pigeon, also known as a Rock Dove!

Pigeon Sandgrouse
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