The carnivores are meat-eaters,  although not all carnivores eat meat only - many of them are omnivores,  meaning that they eat a variety of foods. 

You've heard of the food chain?  Well... carnivores are at the top of it.  Carnivores eat other animals, which in turn eat plants,  which get and store energy from the sun.  It's one big circle.  The only animals that eat carnivores are bigger carnivores. 

Scientists classify carnivores (remember that some of them, like the raccoon, eat all kinds of food) based on the fact that they have teeth made for grasping and tearing and they are very well coordinated, flexible and usually fast.

Carnivores also have a very simple digestive system because meat is easier to break down into energy than vegetable matter. 

Let's explore the world of some of our most well-known animals.

Wolf, Fox, Jackal Bear, Giant Panda         Raccoon, Ring-tail
Skunk, Badger, Otter Mongoose Walrus
Cat, Hyena, Civet Seal, Sea Lion
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