Living With Wildlife




 Everyone needs a place to live a habitat.  But the world is getting crowded, and space for wildlife is disappearing.  Sometimes wild animals, even very shy species, have to live close to people, in cities, towns and neighborhoods.

Many people enjoy wildlife.  It can be fun to watch birds at feeders and baths.  We can attract other kinds of wildlife by wildscaping our yards growing plants that wildlife use for food and shelter.

But sometimes living close to one another can cause problems.  We can overcome these problems by learning how to live in harmony together, and we need to respect the fact that wild animals are different from domesticated animals, with different needs.


Learn about wildlife habitat

Learn about sharing space with wildlife

Learn how to create wildlife habitat

Learn how to help wildlife all year long

Wild animals need a home,  but not your home! 

Learn how people cause problems for wildlife

Learn how our pets cause problems for wildlife


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