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The Program Coordinator directly oversees the seabird response and recovery efforts.The SOS Program primary mission is to triage downed seabirds, release them promptly, provide rehabilitative care, or when necessary, euthanize birds which are too compromised to be viable in the wild as per established protocol.
The duties of the SOS coordinator include the following:
• Hands-on management of SOS staff and active participation in rehabilitation portion of SOS, assisting in the operation and maintenance of a seabird triage clinic and developing a volunteer base for operations
• Front and coordinate KIUC’s seabird outreach campaign
• Hire and train seasonal SOS technicians
• Maintain a master bander permit and a salvage for educational use permit held by the program (both federal)
• Maintain the specialized database and using it along with Access, Excel and GIS for reporting to SOS stakeholders and federal MBTA enforcement.
• Manage the field operations year round but especially from September 15th through December 15th
• Maintain KIUC contract and communications in addition to outside contracts and MOAs
• Perform public outreach and education activities
• Prepare the SOS Annual Report for KIUC following the fledgling season
• Coordinate with the KHS Executive Director to plan and implement the SOS budget
• Update the SOS Manual and protocols yearly
• Coordinate and facilitate agency/stakeholder meetings twice a year
• Pursue funding and/or opportunities for other native avifauna
Required qualifications:
• A Masters degree in Wildlife or related field or equivalent work experience.
• Management experience in a wildlife related program
• Familiarity with handling birds (seabird-specific preferred)
• Banding experience (seabird-specific a strong consideration)
• Clinic experience (at minimum, a familiarity with safety and sanitation protocols)
• Experience with agency reporting guidelines, legal documentation
• Knowledge of Hawaii wildlife and natural history
Preferred Qualifications:
• Prior experience in hands-on rehabilitation and knowledge of husbandry and standards of care regarding wildlife undergoing rehabilitation
• Ability to be the “responsible individual” for Federal and State Rehabilitation Permits
• Sufficient bird banding experience to manage a station banding permit
• Prior experience working with listed species
• Proficiency with specialized database programs and managing/querying a database.
• Familiarity with MS Access and ArcGIS
SOS will seek applicants with an ability to work independently, in a group of three (overseeing the Rehabilitation Manager and the Rehabilitation Technician) as well as with a staff of up to 4 seasonal technicians.
Application Deadline: May 31st. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.
Start Date: July 1st 2019
Salary: Commensurate with experience, Medical benefits included.
Please email a cover letter, resume, and contacts to three references in one PDF to:
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