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This is an online version of our introductory course for beginning wildlife or novice rehabilitators seeking formal education, while also serving as a refresher for the intermediate or experienced rehabilitator.

Please read the full requirements, dates, and times for your course before signing up. The ability to use virtual learning tools is essential for success in this course.

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Lab Supplies: bandage scissors; 1, 3, 35, & 60 ml syringes; 18 & 22 g needles; 1″ zonas tape; 1″ micropore tape; 2″ roll cotton; 2″ stretch gauze; 2″ vetwrap, telfa pad, cotton balls, gavage tubes, rubber topped tube, medical gloves.

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THIS REGISTRATION IS FOR UTC +2 ONLY. Go to for all other online Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation course registrations

Upcoming Classes

10/23/23 – 10/30/23 | UTC +2| Schedule | Instructors: Rebecca Michelin + Jayanthi Kallam | Registration closes: 10/09/23

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*Because of limited class sizes, the focus on regional species and considerations, as well as issues with time zones, we ask that students take courses within their region. If you are signing up for a class outside of your time zone, we recommend using a time zone converter like this one.

Please ensure you read the entire product description, sample syllabus (note: updated schedule typically Monday – Sunday), and our Class Refund and Cancellation Policy before registering for this course. You will receive an email after registering (this may take 1-2 business days). If you do not see this email, please check your junk or spam folder and contact us if you still cannot find it at This email contains critical information that you must read in advance of starting the course.

This online version of our Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation course is for beginning wildlife or novice rehabilitators seeking formal education with a hands-on lab! The structure is an online format of live video lectures hosted on Zoom, giving you access to the expertise and knowledge of our instructors, paired with asynchronous (pre-recorded) sections which you complete on your own. We estimate that live lectures will total about 7 hours and asynchronous work (homework, pre-recorded lectures, and exam) will take about 8+ hours. Basic online will take place over 7 days but may vary depending on your location.

The course may have either an in-person or virtual lab so please read the description of your course carefully before signing up — you must attend all four live sessions and a lab, successfully complete the homework, forums, and an exam to achieve a passing grade. If you are signing up for a virtual lab, be sure you are able to get all the needed materials (listed below). Schedules vary depending on your location, please verify that you can attend all live lectures and one lab session before registering.

We challenge you to do your homework and readings before you get to your class. This will facilitate a richer learning experience during the course and in the online classroom.

This class is RACE approved for 15 CE. Please send us your license number and state of issue once you have registered. Your information will be uploaded via CE Broker to your RACEtrack account. If you need a MyAAVSB account account to access RACEtrack, click here.

Lecture Topics

  • Introduction to wildlife rehabilitation                  • Fluid therapy
  • Animal welfare                                                       • Thermoregulatory medical problems
  • Admissions and identification                              • Nutrition
  • Capture and restraint                                            • Starvation and emaciation
  • Zoonoses                                                               • Wound management
  • Stress and shock                                                   • Head and spinal trauma
  • Physical exam                                                        • Release criteria
  • Euthanasia                                                             • Housing

Required Materials

  • Access to a computer with reliable internet and video/audio capabilities
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Approach
  • Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation
  • Lab kit, if attending a class based in North America

To be successful in this course, you must be prepared and able to use an online classroom, video calls, and have the technological savvy this requires.

To receive a course completion certificate, students must attend all the zoom sessions and successfully pass the exam, lab, and homework with 70% or higher.

***For Virtual Labs Only***

  • An easy-to-clean location for procedures (at home or at a rehabilitation center) including table covering (butcher paper, plastic sheeting, paper bags, etc.)
  • A computer, smartphone, or tablet with reliable internet
  • 1 mammal and 1 avian carcass. Carcasses for the lab may be acquired from commercial operations (i.e. pet stores, lab suppliers, etc.). Please contact your host for suggestions for local suppliers if needed. Please note that you cannot use rabies vector species (e.g. raccoons, foxes, skunks, and bats) for our labs.  More information on rabies vector species: USA, CANADA. If you are completing the lab and are not under a current wildlife rehabilitation permit, please obtain feeder specimens as listed below (IWRC help document on finding cadavers):
    • Mammals (over 175 grams): rat (size large or greater), rabbit
    • Birds: pigeon/dove, quail, chicken (adult)
  • Container for fluids (large disposable cup, triangular graduated container, etc.)
  • Sharps container (make your own)
  • Optional at-home lab supplies: stethoscope, digital thermometer, penlight, gram scale, isopropyl alcohol 

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