Ashley Ihrke


Ashley’s passion for wildlife started at a young age when she was exposed to many different wildlife species through the family’s bait shop and birding with her grandparents in Minnesota. She holds a M.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology from Clemson University and a Master of Environmental Health and Safety from University of Minnesota Duluth. Currently residing in Wisconsin, she has been involved with the wildlife rehabilitation community since 2017 by volunteering and then becoming a staff member at a local wildlife rehabilitation center in Tennessee while completing her masters degree. Although no longer a full-time staff member at the center, Ashley connects and volunteers with wildlife rehabilitators through aiding in rescues and releases, temporary animal care, research, and continuing education. Ashley is an Environmental Specialist for FEMA, working on public assistance disasters and focuses on threatened and endangered species impacts. Her special interests include human-wildlife conflict, wildlife diseases, and wildlife public policy.