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For organizations working in or studying the field of wildlife rehabilitation in administration, conservation, management, education, research, humane work, veterinary or allied professional practice.


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Benefits for 4 people designated by the organization:

  • Subscription to the periodic Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation.
  • Discounts on training course registration and some literature orders.
  • Access to members-only section of website.
  • Access to online membership directory.
  • Voting privileges (can vote in board elections.)

Plus these benefits for the organization

  • Allowed to apply for IWRC Practicum Accreditation
  • Group registration discounts (after the 4 individual discounts above)
  • Assign and transfer member accounts
  • Manage all member accounts from one log in

Upon choosing this product you’ll be asked to type in a ‘team name’. Most orgs use their organization’s name in this field. The person purchasing can choose whether or not to be one of the team members (seats). This decision can be changed at any time.


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