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Upcoming Conferences
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Upcoming Conferences


Education and Continuing Education

IWRC Online and Classroom Courses
ASPCA Webinars
Canada’s New Noahs (annual program)
Eko Tracks – Veterinary Study Abroad Program
Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
Project Dragonfly – Global Field Program
Royal Veterinary College – Distance Learning
University of Edinburgh Veterinary – Conservation Medicine, distance learning
Wildlife Center of Virginia – Online Introductory Courses


Other Upcoming Opportunities

Animal Health International has discounted pricing.
Wildlife rehabilitators can apply for special pricing on many medical supply necessities.  Contact Amy at Amy.Corbell@animalhealthinternational.com or 888-787-4483 x1022 for more information!
Celox Veterinary Offer for Animal Rescue Nonprofits
Celox is a hemostatic agent recently come to the veterinary market.
Buy one get one free of the following blood clotting products (no limit):
Celox Veterinary 15g granules    $18.99 ea
Celox Veterinary 5″ gauze pads  $34.99 ea
Celox Veterinary 8″ gauze pads  $19.99 ea

Contact Bill Oster at bill@celoxvet.com or 502-316-0980.  For more information visit www.celoxvet.com

Emeraid has a Special Rehabilitator Price!
Emeraid Critical Care products, which have saved many emaciated animals, including Brown Pelicans with TP’s below 1, are available at 50% below the veterinary costs for licensed wildlife rehabilitators.  For more information contact Dani Nicholson at DNicholson@lafebermail.com, visit www.LafeberVet.com/conserve or call Lafeber Company at 800-842-6445.



  1. Richard says:

    With the recent changes to the site I am no longer able to find the drug dosage calculator and the job postings. can someone help me out?

  2. admin says:

    Both the Drug Dosage Calculator and the Job Postings are under the Member section.

    The Job Postings is currently a little challenging to find as it is labeled as Animal Placement. Changing the name seems to break the section. I’ll be asking a IT volunteer to look at this soon so it will be clearly labeled.



  3. Jules Elise Reid says:

    Do you have an estimate for when the PDF for the Minimum Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation 4th Edition (MSWR) will be posted to the IWRC website?

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