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Our work is important.

We envision a world where the conservation and welfare of wild animals is well served by an effective symbiotic relationship between wildlife rehabilitators and other wildlife professionals.

Research shows that biodiversity is declining at an alarming rate, making our work even more vital.

Since 2010, IWRC has trained over 7,500 wildlife rehabilitators. Our evidence-based education and resources help move the field of wildlife rehabilitation forward; to promote wildlife conservation and animal welfare; and to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts worldwide.

Help us lead the way in wildlife care by supporting IWRC. Your donation will allow IWRC to:

  • Increase our reach worldwide by offering affordable services
  • Develop and deliver scientific training programs
  • Be an education hub to all professionals working with wildlife
  • Set the standard of care to ensure animal welfare is priority

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“The IWRC is a wealth of resources and the courses are crucial to staying up with best practices and globally-recognized standards for rehabilitation.”

– Kristina Madarang Stahl

“The (IWRC) books, courses and network of people from all experiences in their own journey, have been amazing! After completing the Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation course, I have some very valuable tools I revisit quite often.”

– Maryrose Carson

“Without the IWRC, I would not be in the position I am today. The courses, classes, and support from the IWRC are what have brought this dream to its current stage.”

– Michelle Watson, CWR