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Wildlife Hospital Internship – Summer/Fall

Organization & Core Values
Fellow Mortals was founded in 1985 on a philosophy of respect for individual life. We work with any species of wild bird (eagles to house sparrow) and certain non-predatory mammals, including squirrel species, beaver, opossum, woodchuck, mouse. We do not euthanize healthy orphans. We rehabilitate eyes-closed and newborn or new-hatched individuals. Approximately two thousand animals receive care annually; the majority are admitted over the summer months.

Description of Facility
The hospital is located on a 5-acre property outside of Lake Geneva, WI. We also have a 52-acre secondary location which is where intern housing is located. Animal care buildings and facilities include a state-of-the art hospital, species-specific care rooms, several pool habitats, indoor and outdoor caging and flights, exam, x-ray, and surgical facilities.

Wildlife Care & Related Duties
This is an entry-level position. Interns provide care for orphaned small mammals, waterfowl, and songbirds after training and under supervision of the rehabilitation staff. Wildlife care requires strict attention to detail and organization. It also involves a lot of daily cleaning, including animal enclosures, equipment, and the hospital itself, including sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing.
Care for adult animals, raptors, critical patients, endangered or threatened species is provided by a permanent professional staff of wildlife rehabilitators, all of whom are former interns. Surgery is performed by associated veterinarians.

Interns who are interested in observing other aspects of the rehabilitation process are welcome to come in on their days off to observe admits, triage, or surgery, or to participate in releases.

Start dates in March, April, May, June, July, August, September

3-month minimum commitment. 5 days a week, two non-consecutive days off. Interns work the same hours as wildlife rehabilitation staff. Days start at 8 a.m.; finish time about 10 p.m.

Accepted applicants must live within 12 miles of the hospital location.

• Stipend of $1000 per month
• Possible Excellence Bonus of up to $1000 upon successful completion of internship*
• Exceptional interns may be assigned extra responsibility as ‘primary caregiver’ for an individual or group of animals.
• Filtered water, snacks, occasional meals, and drinks provided.
• Work with experienced wildlife staff
• Located right outside of popular tourist destination, Lake Geneva
• Limited intern housing available** If housing is not available for an accepted applicant, housing reimbursement of $500 (equal to the value of intern housing) is provided.

* Staff will meet with each intern monthly to review goals and answer questions.
**Interns living in the housing assist with laundry in exchange for the housing benefit.

• Current college student or recent graduate
• Private health insurance, current tetanus vaccination
• Valid driver’s license, and a vehicle
• Mature demeanor, adaptable, emotionally stable
• Occasional heavy lifting (up to 50# feed bags when restocking)
• Good grip strength (use of water hose with nozzle or pressure washer)
• Able to perform repetitive motions (use of feeding instruments)
• Able to perform normal movements (walking, bending, kneeling, standing)
• Stamina
• Compassion and respect for the life and welfare of an individual animal
• Desire to perform at a high standard, to be exceptional as an intern

Extended internships longer than 3 months are available. Enquire with your cover letter.

How to Apply
Email the following to Yvonne Wallace Blane, Director of Rehabilitation

Cover Letter addressing your interest in the position
Resumé (work, education & volunteer experience)
Two work or volunteer (not family or personal) references, with e-mail & phone contact (when possible, please submit reference letters with your application)
Specify earliest start date and latest end date

Application acknowledgment and process.
Applicants will be notified when their application is received.
Qualified applicants will be contacted for further information within one week.
If you are not contacted within one week, this means we will not be considering your application at this time.

Applications are open until filled.

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