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History: Established in 1977, Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation (WRR) receives over 10,000 wild animals per year for rehabilitation and release as well as providing permanent sanctuary for more than 600 resident non-releasable indigenous wildlife, non-native wildlife (large mammals, primates, reptiles and birds) and farmed animals. The Wildlife Rescue Sanctuary is located on 212 acres in the beautiful Texas Hill Country in Kendalia, and the Sherman Animal Care Complex is located in San Antonio.

Description: The Wildlife Rehabilitation and Animal Caretaker is responsible for ensuring that proper care is given to all animals at WRR according to approved protocols and standards. Animal Caretakers will be responsible for daily feeding, enclosure cleaning and maintenance, behavioral observations and enrichment activities for a wide variety of Texas native and non-native avian, mammal, and reptile species. These animals include, but are not limited to, opossums, songbirds, doves, deer, waterfowl, turtles and tortoises. This position involves substantial animal care responsibilities, triage and care of new arrival patients, administrative duties (record keeping and telephone work), and fieldwork involving rescues, releases and transportation of animals. Animal Caretakers are also expected to engage in public interaction and education through occasional hotline shifts and working with volunteers.
Essential Duties of the Job:
• Complete Animal Caretaking shifts at the Kendalia location, upholding the high standards of care required.
• Responsible for the health and well-being of all animals and integrity of housing and enclosures. Maintain detailed notes in departmental logs. Report abnormalities in animal health or behavior to appropriate supervisor or Director of Animal Care.
• Feed all animals according to dietary guidelines and feeding schedule. • Maintain high standards of cleanliness in all enclosures and cages at all times.
• Monitor health of animals and report observations to medical staff.
• Medicate sick or injured animals.
• Complete facility and enclosure maintenance and landscaping as required, including repairs, mowing, weedeating, tree trimming, etc..
• Responsible for occasional rescues, releases and transportation of animals.
• Adhere to protocols for admitting animals, filling out all paperwork completely, initial set up of animal (including hydration, feeding, and initial medical care), and working with the public who may be bringing the animal to us in a professional and diplomatic manner
• Complete required admission forms, internal and external paperwork and phone logs in a timely manner
• Represent WRR professionally to the public while maintaining a neat and well kempt appearance whether at the Kendalia Wildlife Sanctuary, on the phone, at events or during educational engagements.
• Maintain an in depth knowledge of WRR policies and protocols. Assist with training or retraining as needed.
• Mentor volunteers & apprentices, being sure the quality of care given is up to the WRR standard of excellence.
• Monitor feed and supplies. Report low inventory levels to appropriate Manager. • Other duties as assigned.
Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Communication: Ability to communicate clearly and effectively via oral or written means. Ability to document daily observations reports, medical logs etc.
• Composure: Ability to remain calm and maintain self-control in the midst of difficult circumstances and emergencies. Ability to respond in a professional manner in all situations and have a high level of integrity. Desired candidates are mature individuals with the ability to handle physically and emotionally stressful situations, a demanding workload, long hours, and to work independently or as a team.
• Decision Making: Ability to set work priorities and to evaluate and create solutions to work related problems.
• Organization: Ability to keep various on-going projects organized. Requires good time management practices and the ability to meet multiple deadlines.
• Dependability: Dependable and willing to learn and do what is needed so that the animals are given the best quality of life possible, whether that is in the wild or in our sanctuary.
• Technical: Working knowledge of animal husbandry and rehabilitation. • Computer: Working knowledge MS Office; Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

• Education: A bachelor's degree is preferred in Wildlife Biology, Zoology, and/or Biology.
• Experience: A Minimum of 2-years of full-time rehabilitation and animal care experience is preferred, with preference given to experience with native, Texas wildlife species.
• Attendance: Must maintain regular and acceptable attendance at such level as is determined in the employer's sole discretion.
• Vaccinations: Current Meningitis, rabies pre-exposure and Tetanus vaccinations are required. Negative TB test required.
• License: Valid Driver’s License with good driving record required. Must be able to lift 50lbs. • Technology: Proficient knowledge of MSOffice, Word, Excel etc.. In addition, the ability to conduct

Compensation: $16.00/hour. 18 days of annual PTO and partially paid benefits provided. Candidates selected for interview will be requested to provide references. Position open until filled.

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