Communication Forum Posting Rules:

Whilst we want to encourage open and honest science-based discussions regarding wildlife matters, we also wish to keep the forums courteous and mutually respectful, therefore we reserve the right to delete any of the following:

- violent, obscene, profane, hateful, or racist posts, links or images

- comments that threaten or defame any person, company(or its products) or organization

- copyright- and trademark-infringing information, articles or marks

- solicitations, advertisements, or endorsements of any financial, commercial or not-for-profit organizations.

- comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity

- repetitive posts copied and pasted or duplicated by single or multiple users  

- confidential information

- off topic posts of a disruptive or sensitive nature (politics, religion, etc)

No anonymous posts are allowed. Posts by the Moderators reflect their personal opinions, except when directly related to Posting Rules, in which case they reflect IWRC policy.  Neither posts by Moderators nor Users should be considered the expressed opinion of the IWRC.  

Especially regarding treatments and procedures, please include reference to the source of your information, including if it is your own personal opinion.   Please keep in mind that the medical experience of posters varies in our group and there are often different opinions on treatments.  The moderators reserve the right however to remove treatment suggestions considered by experts to be inappropriate for the situation.  Lastly please keep in mind that some professionals are limited as to what advice they can give without examining an animal.

In the event of complaints regarding a post, the moderators may temporarily lock/hide a

post while it is investigated, this is not meant to imply guilt of rule breakage but merely that the matter is being addressed. In the case of repeated complaints or rule violations, right is reserved to revoke posting access of an individual.


In Conclusion:

The IWRC Communication Forum aims to be a great tool to further wildlife welfare and conservation by serving as a platform where good manners and intentions lead to respectful communication and mutual collaboration.