Pain & Wound Management

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These two courses are provided as a package with total classroom time of eight hours.

Developed specifically for wildlife care professionals, Wound Management provides a systematic review of the physiology and treatment of the most common types of soft-tissue wounds seen in injured mammalian and avian species. Topics include wound assessment, wound types, antibiotic therapy, cleaning and topical agents, bandaging techniques and the physiology and stages of wound healing. Fractures and wound management in herptiles are not covered in this course. Lab Included.

Pain Management is designed to give wildlife care professionals a working knowledge of the vocabulary and concepts underlying the modern approach to pain management in mammalian and avian species. Topics include the physiology and clinical signs of pain, supportive care techniques, and drug therapy including indications, contraindications and side effects.

Prerequisite: Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation strongly encouraged

To receive a course completion certificate, students must successfully pass the online Pain and Wound Management exams with 70% or higher.

Required text book:  Wildlife Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Approach


04/08/23 | Cape Neddick, Maine | Host: Center for Wildlife | Instructor: Rob Adamski

04/18/23 | Kyalami, South Africa | Host: Friends of Free Wildlife | Instructor: Christina Carrières | To register for this class and purchase books, contact Friends of Free Wildlife at

If interested in hosting the class, contact

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Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation strongly encouraged


Cape Neddick, Maine


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