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This on-demand online course includes lecture, online activities, and a lab. Be sure to read the lab supply requirements below before signing up. Registration is available year-round.

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This interactive course with a wet lab was created to give wildlife rehabilitators a basic understanding of parasites, diagnostic techniques, and the role of parasites in the One Health framework.

Developed specifically for wildlife care professionals, Parasitology provides examples of both endo and ectoparasites commonly observed in rehabilitation, as well as some lesser known examples of importance. Topics include host types, clinical conditions, transmission, one health, endoparasites, ectoparasites, diagnostics, identification, biosecurity, and prevention.

Lab topics include:

  • very basic microscope use
  • oral/crop swab
  • fecal smear
  • fecal float
  • tape test
  • skin scrape

To receive a course completion certificate, students must successfully pass the lab, knowledge checks, and exam within 1 year of registration in the Moodle classroom.

Prerequisites: Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation strongly encouraged

Required materials:

  • internet access
  • ability to record and upload videos (upload tool provided)
  • microscope
  • disposable nitrile/vinyl/latex gloves
  • non-acetate tape
  • basic fecal and microscope supplies (slides, slide covers, fecalizer, fecal solution, applicators, syringe, scalpel) OR¬†purchase of IWRC kit
  • legal access to an avian and mammal cadaver for lab
  • fresh (non-human) fecal sample
  • textbook (only if selecting the 8.25 CE option): Diagnostic Parasitology for Veterinary Technicians, 6th Edition


The 5 CE version of the course has no required reading and is NOT AAVSB Registry of Continuing Education (RACE) approved

The 8.25 CE version of the course includes required reading and a textbook and is AAVSB Registry of Continuing Education (RACE) approved

Additional information

Credit Hours (IWRC):

5 CE (core course), 8.25 CE (core + required readings: accepted as RACE CE)

Course Level

Tier Two

Delivery Method



Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation suggested


Parasitology for Veterinary Technicians, I am taking the 5 CE course that doesn't need the book, I already have the book


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