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To date, organizations involved in the practicum are BC SPCA Wild ARC, Nashville Wildlife Conservation, and Wildlife In Need Center. Do not purchase this product if you have not been accepted into one of these programs. Note that practicum registration should only occur after you have been accepted by one of the above IWRC member organizations.

After registering please email us at with your expected start and finish dates and estimated total hours.

The IWRC Practicum Accreditation program provides wildlife rehabilitation facilities with consultation and oversight in developing an educational training practicum. Participating centers that meet the requirements of IWRC Practicum Accreditation will be able to offer practicum participants the ability to obtain an IWRC Certificate of Completion for their successful completion of the facility’s program of study.

If you are an organization interested in participating in the practicum, email Kai at

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BC SPCA Wild ARC, Nashville Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife In Need Center


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