Meredith Whitney

Vice President

Meredith, CEO of Tread-Well Consulting, brings a rich background in animal welfare and conservation. Formerly Wildlife Rescue Program Manager at IFAW, she spearheaded and provided guidance for wildlife rehabilitation and rescue projects for diverse species worldwide, and offered guidance on wildlife issues during disasters, while actively participating in hands-on disaster response for both wild and domestic animals. After contributing to its founding, Meredith remains a member of the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance.  Her diverse journey includes ownership of 2 small businesses, serving as a zookeeper and later Collections and Conservation Manager at the AZA accredited Maryland Zoo, and serving as the Chief of Environmental Quality for a US Air Force base in Japan. Meredith firmly believes that every wild animal deserves a chance to live in the wild, and that through effective rehabilitation we can contribute meaningfully to the well-being of individual animals and to healthy wild populations..