Susie Sullivan


A native of Page, Arizona, Susie grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Her interest in helping small business owners came from working in her dad’s boat shop and other small businesses around town. Susie realized her facility with numbers was a skill she could share to help others discover how they could grow and profit with greater ease. Susie furthered her interest in finance by earning a BS in Accounting from Portland State University. Her work in the world of finance has always been connected to businesses she believes in and whose mission she supports.  As an extension of her work with the accounting studio she founded, Harmonix, Susie works directly with mission-driven companies to help advance their objectives.

Contrary to the dry accountant stereotype, Susie has a strong creative spirit. An experienced pianist, instructor and vocalist, she’s also a certified yoga instructor and an aviation science enthusiast. She is passionate about environmental conservation and avian welfare and is an avid outdoors enthusiast. In addition to spending time with her husband Austin and two parrots Sammie and Pippin, she snowboards at Mount Hood as much as humanly possible.