Susie Sullivan


A native of Page, Arizona, Susie grew up running around the deserts of Northern Arizona. The California Condor release site at the Vermillion Cliffs was in her hometown and had a huge impact on her relationship with conservation and wildlife, especially vultures. She became fascinated with animals and birds from a young age and got her first bird guide and binoculars at age 8. During this time she also cared for cockatiels and became more interested in parrots and animal behavior. 

Fast forward to adulthood, she went into the field of finance and accounting and put her passion for wildlife aside for a while. After working in accounting for 10 years, Susie founded her own business, Harmonix, which focuses on supporting creative entrepreneurs, startups and socially responsible businesses. She returned to working with birds by becoming involved with a local exotic bird rescue and helped with the fostering, adoption, and behavioral training of parrots. She and her husband adopted two birds themselves, a 30yo Harlequin Macaw named Sammie and an 18 yo Umbrella cockatoo, Pippin. 

During this time, Susie also started volunteering with Bird Alliance of Oregon (formally Portland Audubon), first in financial roles and eventually in their Wildlife Care Center and Ambassador Animal programs, where she learned firsthand the hard work and care that goes into rehabbing wild animals. She is currently the Treasurer of Bird Alliance of Oregon, Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon, and IWRC. She is excited to leverage her financial expertise and help the organization continue to grow and expand its impact on an international level. Susie is passionate about helping people become more aware of their impact on the environment and wildlife and helping us all find ways to engage with conservation work and live more harmoniously with the animals we share our world with.