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  • Thank You Rachel Carson
     A voice for wildlife
  • Post-Release Monitoring of Hand-Reared Songbirds
    The start of a study 
     The start of a study
  • New IWRC Board Members
     Welcome to the Team
  • Call for Papers
     IWRC 2014 Cincinnati, Ohio

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The newest version (March 25,2014) of the Membership directory is now available to all IWRC members at

The online store has returned!

If you cannot find what you need, please call 866-871-1869 to purchase these items or email to request a PayPal invoice.

We are happy to be back and appreciate your patience in recent weeks!

Note that new membership and classroom courses can be purchased as usual.


Disease Updates

The AAZA has released the 2nd edition of Infectious Diseases of Concern to Captive and Free ranging Wildlife in North America.


Do you like Surveys?

On our Research Page you can peruse current wildlife research and lend your experiences, data, and perhaps even samples. Current Studies: Fish Oil Effects on Birds, Raccoon Polyomavirus, Comparative Ocular Study



Warning! We have been experiencing forwarding issues from the old San Jose Post Office Box. Please send all physical mail communications to IWRC at PO Box 3197, Eugene, OR 97403 to avoid delays and lost mail.


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