By guest blogger Randie Segal

Randie, Lynn, and Diane are in Europe visiting rehabilitation centers, attending conferences, and in between Lynn has managed to squeeze in time to teach not one, but three IWRC courses.  Join us for the next few weeks as Randie tours us around Ireland, Great Britain, Poland, and Belgium.

September 23

We all arrived in London , went through customs, and didn’t get into any trouble
We took a taxi and came to our hotel
Went out to a little family Italian restaurant and had a great time
Lynn told them we were going out looking for guys and asked them for tips. They said they would take us out dancing all night.
We went to a bar named Millers in Lynn’s honor
Diane had her first Guinness in England, Lynn had Scotch and I had a Jameson’s
Back in our room we are all unwinding from our day of travel.
Tomorrow we go on a bus tour.  It is supposed to rain all day. We are in LONDON
After all

September 27
Everyone was thrilled with the class
Lynn’s first teaching day was a whirlwind of information
The students loved the labs and  overall it was BRILLANT
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and looked forward to staying in touch
It was great listening to them discuss certain questions after they finished
More later

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