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Summer Internships take place at the Baldwin Wildlife Center in Omaha, NE. These internships are full-time, paid internships. All travel, food, and lodging costs are the responsibility of the intern. We will accept applications from any current student of at least sophomore standing or recently graduated university student in the United States. 12 full-time Level I internships are available each summer.

Duties include:

Feeding orphaned wildlife
Cleaning and disinfecting wildlife cages and nurseries
Assisting in the care of injured and ill adult wildlife
Creating and implementing enrichment for wild patients
Assisting with the intake of new patients as needed
Serving as an ambassador for NWR and Nebraska's native wildlife
Documenting patient feeding and medical treatments
Cleaning tasks as assigned.
Interns work an average of 40 hours per week during this 12-week internship.

For more information and to apply, please visit our internship page at: https://nebraskawildliferehab.org/education/internships-for-university-students.html

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