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Wildwoods Certified Veterinary Technician
Job Posting

Do you want to work with a fantastic, caring team to make a meaningful difference in the lives of animals and our community? Wildwoods is hiring!

Wildwoods is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Duluth, MN, dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife, and to the reconciliation of humans and nature through education. Wildwoods is seeking a part-time Certified Veterinary Technician. This position is responsible for ensuring that orphaned, injured, or sick wildlife receive the care they need in order to give them the best possible chance of release. This includes proper medical management of the patient, appropriate housing, nutrition, training, and an on-time release plan. Facilities management is an important feature in ensuring proper animal care, and all staff are responsible for maintaining our facilities.

Admit and Care Procedures

This position will report to the Executive Director. The following responsibilities are to be shared with the Director of Animal Rehabilitation and the Clinic Manager, under the supervision of the Veterinarian of Record. When appropriate, these responsibilities may be delegated to trained staff and/or volunteers with proper oversight.

Admissions, Physical and Medical Exam
• Evaluate all medical and orphan patients as they arrive; ensure that they are given subcutaneous injections for hydration and receive anti parasitic meds and pain meds as required.
• Complete diagnostic tests when necessary (fecal, bloodwork, etc.); quarantine if required.
• Re-evaluate medical patients that were initially evaluated by other staff.
• Re-evaluate all medical patients daily, including medicine review.
• Adjust meds as necessary based on re-evaluations.
• Ensure that all orphan and medical admit forms are filled out and entered into WRMD.
• Ensure that all orphan and medical admits have sufficient information under “Resolution” section. If DIC reason is known or suspected, it must be recorded.

Patient Care – Orphan Admissions
• Ensure that orphans have adequate and appropriate housing.
• Ensure that orphans have an appropriate diet and vitamins, and that their feeding schedule is adjusted as per their age.
• Weigh all orphans at required intervals (e.g., every other day) as determined by protocol manuals.

Patient Care – Medical Admissions
• Ensure that inured and sick animals have adequate and appropriate housing.
• Ensure that injured and sick animals have an appropriate diet, meds, and vitamins, and that their feeding schedule is adjusted as per their ability to feed.
• Weigh all injured and sick animals at required intervals (e.g., every other day).

Release Plans
• Coordinate release plan with the Director of Animal Rehabilitation and/or Clinic Manager, including location of release. Director of Animal Rehabilitation and/or Clinic Manager must sign off on any animal release.
• Coordinate appropriate transfer of wildlife to another facility when necessary.
• Transition and prepare animals for release so that they have the best chance of success.

Facilities Management – Exam Room and Lab

Under the purview of the Clinic Manager, responsibilities may include:

• Ensure admit protocols are in place and adhered to by all staff.
• Ensure necessary medications and supplies are in stock, order when necessary.
• Ensure equipment is scheduled for routine maintenance if needed.
• Develop opening and closing checklist for exam room.
• Ensure that both exam rooms are cleaned on a routine basis and that each room has its own set of proper cleaning equipment.
• Work with ED and Veterinarian of Record to address repairs, modifications, and purchasing.
• Work with Clinic Manager and/or Veterinarian of Record to ensure controlled substance logbooks and inventory are kept up to date and accurate.

Euthanasia Criteria

• Modify appropriate criteria as needed in conjunction with Veterinarian of Record and Director of Animal Rehabilitation and/or Clinic Manager for humane euthanasia when necessary for our orphan and medical patients.
• Ensure that each act of euthanasia is carried out by staff in a humane and compassionate manner.


• Review and update necessary manuals and protocols for best practices for the care of all wildlife at Wildwoods.
• Post for, interview, hire, and supervise summer interns.
• Other animal care duties as directed.
• Administrative tasks as required for license compliance (US Fish and Wildlife and DNR annual reporting).
• Work with the public on animal admits and updates, and education.
• Answer all incoming calls and returning messages.
• Direct volunteers; delegate cleaning, feeding, and laundry tasks.
• Other responsibilities as directed by the Executive Director or Veterinarian of Record.

Details and Requirements

• Ideal candidate will have a flexible schedule and able to work up to 4 days a week during our busier season (May-Oct) and 1-2 days a week during slower periods.
• Must have and maintain a veterinary technician certification in the state of Minnesota. Experience with wildlife preferred but not required.
• Required vaccinations: Rabies pre-exposure vaccine series and titer, Tetanus.
• Position can be physically demanding: sit and stand for long periods of time; lift up to 40 lbs.; clean and move kennels and housing; work in an environment without air conditioning; and wear proper PPE when necessary including tyvec suit, N-95, etc., which can be very hot and uncomfortable in warmer temperatures.
• Excellent communication skills with coworkers and the public.
• Ability to multitask in a fast-paced, high stress environment.
• Willing to work evenings and weekends.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office and experience with or willing to learn medical database.

Work Environment

In this position, exposure to wildlife with differing temperaments and possible diseases will occur, requiring the use of proper personal protective equipment which is provided on-site.

Pay and Benefits

Pay is $16-$18 per hour depending on experience, along with participation in a SIMPLE IRA. We offer an excellent training program and hands-on experience.

To Apply

This position is open until filled. Please submit your cover letter, resume, and three references, or any questions, to jessica@wildwoodsrehab.org.

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