Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation

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This is an introductory course for beginning or novice wildlife rehabilitators seeking formal education. It can also be an excellent refresher for the intermediate or experienced rehabilitator.

Please read the Covid-19 Safety Protocols for the IWRC Classroom before signing up for the course.

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An introductory two-day course for beginning wildlife or novice rehabilitators seeking formal education with a half-day hands-on lab! This class is meant to be a flipped classroom experience. We challenge you to do your homework and readings before you get to your class. This will facilitate a richer learning experience in the classroom.

BE ADVISED: IWRC reserves the right to cancel a course if deemed necessary for health and safety. All students, instructors, and host representatives will be expected to observe social distancing and wear an approved face mask* during our courses. Students and host representatives will provide the IWRC with proof of full vaccination or of a negative covid-19 viral test result conducted within 1-3 days of the course. Any students exhibiting signs of COVID-19 (fatigue, dry cough, fever greater than 100℉ / 37.77°C, etc.) will be asked to stay home. Students displaying obvious symptoms associated with COVID-19 may be asked to leave the facility at the instructor and or host’s discretion. You are also asked to bring all your own food and drink. All students must read the IWRC’s Covid-19 Safety Protocols for the IWRC Classroom and before signing up for the course to ensure they can comply with all of our safety requirements. Students unable or unwilling to comply with the Covid-19 safety protocols are invited to join us in the Online Basic Wildlife Rehabiltiation course. 

*Approved masks do not include anti-masks – face coverings that are permeable and do not inhibit the expulsion of respiratory droplets. Examples include: crocheted, lace, or mesh masks. 


All funds shown are in US dollars


Couva, Trinidad – Hosted by El Socorro Centre for Wildlife Conservation – Registration closed

Seaforth, Nova Scotia – Hosted by Hope for Wildlife – February 26-27, 2022

Eaton Rapids, MI – Hosted by Wildside Rehabilitation Center – March 12-13, 2022

Magnolia, TX – Hosted by Friends of Texas Wildlife – April 23-24, 2022

More locations coming soon including the schedule for Online Basic Wildlife Rehabiltiation


Lecture topics include:

  • Introduction to wildlife rehabilitation.                  • Fluid therapy
  • Animal welfare                                                       • Thermoregulatory medical problems
  • Admissions and identification                              • Nutrition
  • Capture and restraint                                            • Starvation and emaciation
  • Zoonoses                                                               • Wound management
  • Stress and shock                                                   • Head and spinal trauma
  • Physical exam                                                        • Release criteria
  • Euthanasia                                                             • Housing

To receive a course completion certificate, students must successfully pass the exam, lab, and homework with 70% or higher.

You will receive the Wildlife Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Approach and Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation books with this order.

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