Scientific and Rehabilitation Resources


These items are IWRC webinars created for the edification of our membership.  The webinars are at a variety of experience levels.  Additionally, some webinars are fantastic as a before class refresher, or supplementary to our courses.  Look for more additions to the list every month.

Everything you wanted to know about…

Needles and Syringes

Pharmaceutical Labels

Handouts, Manuals, and Aids

The below resources are items that we at IWRC have found useful aids in practicing wildlife rehabilitation (note that not all are peer reviewed).

Recognizing Fractures of the Wing – Leah Shimmel

Avian Splinting Manual – Rebecca Duerr


Journal Articles and Research Press releases of Interest

Efficacy of Rehab Centers in the Study of Disease – Journal of Wildlife Disease

The Risk of Prion Zoonoses – Science

Songbirds: Scared to death –

Investigation of undiagnosed disease affecting arctic ring seals – AVMA

Universal precautions for the management of bat white-nose syndrome (WNS) – USGS Wildlife Heath Bulletin

Probable Zoonotic Leprosy in the Southern United States – The New England Journal of Medicine

US Plague Surveillance Report – National Wildlife Disease Program

US Tularemia Surveillance Report – National Wildlife Disease Program

Dual Parasitic Infections Deadly to Marine mammals – PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases

Summary and press release (dual parasitic infections in marine mammals) – National Institute of Health

Big Leap in Understanding Frog Threat – Press Release from University of Sydney on research into amphibian parasites.

Study of H5N1 Vaccinations in European Zoos – Clinical and Vaccine Immunology

Continent-wide association of H5N1 outbreaks in wild and domestic birds in Europe – Geospat Health