Francine Jones, CWR (1962-2011)

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Francine Jones, age 48, passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 in Michigan, USA.  Francine volunteered with River Raisin Raptor Center in Michigan for a number of years before getting her own state and Federal Permits and later worked with Mary Seth of Wings, Paws, and Prayers.

Dody Wyman, of River Raisin described Francine as one of the most unique people she has known. “She was full of generosity, quirkiness, and friendliness.  Always marching to her own drum, she was truly her own person.  Immediately likable, she was happy to share her fantasies and daydreams with anyone willing to listen.  You never knew exactly where her marching drum was taking her.  When it came time to work with her raptor patients, she was all serious business.  Each bird received the special care and attention it needed.”

Francine and her father, Paul, did many rescues and releases together in the Ann Arbor area – giving injured raptors in southeastern Michigan the best of care.  She will be greatly missed by her family, friends, and the rehab community.


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