Danene Britell RVT

Spotlight on our new board member

Please share an early/childhood experience that was pivotal to your personal relationship to wildlife.

When I was growing up my mother and I spent a lot of time at the beach. When I was about seven years old I clearly remember a time where we were walking on the beach and came across a down seabird (Northern Gannet).  I would not leave until my mom went to the lifeguard stand and came up with a plan for how they were going to get someone to look at this animal. This was a time with no cell phones or google. 

How did you initially become involved with IWRC and why did you choose to become involved on a board level?

Initially, I met Lloyd Brown at the Treasure oil spill. He encouraged me to get involved with the IWRC once I got home from the response. That same year I traveled to Rhode Island to take the Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation course and also attended the IWRC conference in Montreal, CA. I’ve always wanted to serve on a non-profit organization’s board of directors, but I didn’t exactly know how to get involved. Last fall Adam Grogan contacted me to see if I would be interested and here we are!

Describe a specific area of interest or a particular passion within the scope of IWRC’s mission.

I am very interested in contributing to the IWRC’s disaster response planning and educational materials as well as working with other members toward further development of education opportunities for veterinary technicians/assistants within wildlife rehabilitation. 

Describe a skill that you have that has been surprisingly useful to your work as a wildlife rehabilitator? (or as an IWRC board member?)

My martial arts training, believe it or not. I never thought that would be useful when working with animals, but it was very useful when learning how to safely restrain pinnipeds. 

Danene ready to fly!

If you were to do something else professionally, what would it be?

If I did something that was unrelated to animals/wildlife I believe I would do something with airline operations – either emergency response or teaching martial arts/self defense to flight crews. 

If you could be a wild animal, which would you be?

A sea turtle

What is the thing for which you have waited in line the longest?

Aside from the security line at the airport, Delorenzo’s Tomato Pie in Trenton, NJ.

Describe any companion animals that you share your home and life with.

I have two dogs – Ms. Piggy (9) and Moose (7). They are mixed breed dogs that we rescued when working in Houston, TX. They have amazing personalities and have been very spoiled since I’ve been working from home for almost 2 years.

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