Five Ways to Help Wildlife

Climate change, overpopulation, loss of wild spaces; turn anywhere today and you will find multiple sources telling you just how much trouble our wildlife is in. With so many challenges it’s easy to feel hopeless. But don’t give up! Time and time again real change has been executed by people and communities making small changes. Here are just a few ways that you can do something to help wildlife.

1. Add Your Voice – Many conservation and wildlife groups keep track of changes to laws and rules surrounding native spaces and wildlife. You can sign up for notifications from these groups and add your name to petitions or letters sent to lawmakers.

2. Make conscientious food choices – Anything that helps conserve native habitat, makes a difference. Avoid products that use palm oil, decrease the amount of sugar you eat, buy bird friendly coffee and chocolate. Avoid the idea that you need to go on a vegan paleo diet. Make changes that will be sustainable long term for your lifestyle. These will make the most impact long term.

3. Plant something – If you have space, plant a garden. A small patch of native flowers and plants can add beauty and food for pollinators and wildlife. Planting trees also provides food and shelter for wildlife. No green thumb? Many cities have conservation groups that can advise you on the types of trees suited for your area, space and water resources.

4. Make your home wildlife safe – To avoid human wildlife conflict, once a year ensure your roof and foundations are intact. Repair any holes or weak points and close off areas under porches if you don’t want wildlife using it. Avoid unsecured trash and compost piles. If you have a rodent issue, find a pest control company that uses methods of exclusion instead of rodenticides. Make your windows bird safe and keep any feeders or bird baths clean.

5. Spread the joy – Share your interest and wonder with others. Take a friend on a nature walk, go to the zoo with your kids, support nature programs in schools. These are all great ways to help get people interested in wildlife, and the more allies we have the bigger and better our results will be.

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