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2022 Accomplishments

Our Basic wildlife rehabilitation class continues to be our most popular. We are proud to say that both in person and online classes are well attended and our instructors are enjoying their time back in the classroom. All together we had approximately 545 students, from North America, Africa, and Asia, take the Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation...



In the last two years I often found myself in a space and time where I was looking for some comfort and wondered how I could replenish myself.  Who or what could inspire me and help me get back in touch with myself?  At times, it was a nature walk or yoga, sometimes it was...


Wildlife Rehabilitation: The Career

Reprinted with permission from Becoming a Wildlife Professional, Scott E Henke and Paul R Krausman, editors (pp 140-142) Wildlife rehabilitation centers are nonprofit or governmental agencies that provide care to injured, ill, and orphaned wild animals and assist area residents with human/wildlife conflicts. Organizational goals and missions focus on the conservation of species, conflict resolution,...