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Good Housekeeping

The rescuers of a mourning dove they found under a chair on their back porch approach a wildlife center. They are initially skeptical of the standards of the facility after observing that the building is an old mobile home and the outdoor caging looks homemade. However, the rescuers are pleased when they enter – the...


Urban Predators

  In the US, it’s fairly common to see whitetailed and blacktailed deer, coyotes, and all sorts of mesopredators in and around the city.  A recent National Geographic article mentioned the increased urban appearance of apex predators like cougars.  The article made me think “what does this mean for rehab”?  My only experience with an apex...


Up For Discussion – Nonnative Species

  Up For Discussion The upcoming issue of JWR will feature a Letter to the Editor questioning the ethics of treating and releasing non-native, invasive species. In this particular case, the species in question is Virginia opossums in California (introduced in 1910, according to Jameson & Peeters (California Mammals, University of California Press, 1988)). But...


Up For Discussion – “Do as I say”

The Issue: Wildlife rehabilitators have long understood the need to educate the public about appreciating and living in harmony with wildlife. Moreover, rehabilitators have ready access to non-releasable animals who can help put a face on some abstract concepts and drive home an important message. In fact, it’s often the chance to meet a wild...


Aardvarks to Zebu: Post 1

Hello!  We have a new column here at IWRC.  Each month we will choose a challenging rehabilitation question and poll two to four experts on the topic.  In this, our first post, we chose the question “Would you release a one-eyed diurnal raptor?” and asked it of three long time raptor rehabilitators, Louise Shimmel, Randie...