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Silvia M. Valles, Melina’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, IWRC Member Spotlight

Silvia M. Valles, Melina’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Tell us a little about yourself: To begin with, I am an animal lover, all animals without exception and as a result I am vegetarian. I have been around animals and dedicated my life to save them. Taking the proper precautions I can handle any animal, from a...


IWRC Member Spotlight: Agamon Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (AWRC)

In this post we spotlight IWRC member the Agamon Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (AWRC). This center was established in December 2019 through a collaboration of KKL-JNF and Tel Hai College, led by Yaron Charka the Chief Ornithologist of KKL-JNF and Rona Nadler Valency, wildlife veterinarian and certified wildlife rehabilitator (DVM, CWR), the director of the Rehabilitation...


IWRC Member Spotlight: Érika Pioltine Anseloni, Ph.D.

Érika Pioltine Anseloni, a Biologist and Wildlife Vet Assistant from Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, has a deep love for nature and animals. Her passion for wildlife rehabilitation began during her one-year tenure at Centre Wildlife Care (CWC) in Central Pennsylvania, United States, during the pandemic (2020-2021), following the completion of her Ph.D. Inspired by the...


IWRC Member Spotlight: Connie Black

DESTINED TO FLY/SONGBIRD REHABILITATORS NETWORK IWRC member Connie Black is the founder and director of Destined to Fly in Harrowsmith, Ontario. She has dedicated her life to wildlife rehabilitation, particularly focusing on the care of songbirds. With a passion for avian species, she established the Songbird Rehabilitators Network on Facebook in collaboration with Julie Eicke,...