by Diane Seguin

In the last two years I often found myself in a space and time where I was looking for some comfort and wondered how I could replenish myself.  Who or what could inspire me and help me get back in touch with myself?  At times, it was a nature walk or yoga, sometimes it was watching the world through my camera lens, and other times it was listening or reading the works of some very interesting people which gave me that little break, where I could feel my energy and my hope be revitalized. 

After listening to conversations or reading some of these works, I often thought how wonderful it would be to share a meal with those special people – the ‘dinner scene’ of my imagination changing depending on what I felt drawn to at that time.  Lately I’ve been thinking it would be delightful to spend an evening or weekend with Mary Oliver, Suzanne Simard, Pádraig Ó Tuama, Robert Macfarlane, Drew Lanham or Robin Wall Kimmerer . 

But what does all this have to do with wildlife rehabilitation? 

Poets, ecologists, linguists, ornithologists, botanists?  These people have touched my heart with their love of nature, how they approach it, how they describe it, how they respect it. 

They brought me joy, made me think, and gave me hope.  They gave me those perfect moments I needed when I felt empty.

And so, as we fully enter Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, I’m quite aware that many of my friends will be starting their wildlife rehabilitation ‘baby season’, and that for others in the Southern Hemisphere, they may be reflecting on their busy season that just passed.  Although I am not working in wildlife rehabilitation in a full-time capacity myself, I know that many of you are, and that you will be called to bring your best self forward to care for these wonderful creatures in the months to come.  Some of you may also need to regroup and take time to replenish yourselves during those days.  Your health, too, is important.  Who will you reach out to when you need to keep yourself in check?  What is your ‘go to’ activity, even if just for a few minutes, to take care of yourself?  What resources are available to you?  Does it make sense to prepare a self-care contingency plan of sorts?  If so, what would that look like?  

I will wish you all a beautiful Spring (or Autumn!), and perfect moments to replenish you when needed!

If you too, would like to sit back with a cup of tea and get to know some of these people that have touched my life, there are many ways to access their works but you can also listen to some interesting conversations on the podcast called ‘On Being’ with Krista Tippett, or online at:

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